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Bet here a lot
5 stars
12th Jan 2020

Bet with betfair regularly. I never bet large amounts so I never win or lose a lot but the website is really good and does what I need it to. Im able to deposit and place bets instantly and withdrawals are quick.

As good as they come
5 stars
19th Jan 2020

Betfair is as good a sports betting site as you will find. Prices aren't the best best but they're competitive to an extent and plenty of betting offers available.

Dont jump to conclusions
5 stars
16th Jan 2020

This is a great bookie. Might take a while to verify your account but you can still deposit and bet for the time being while your balance builds up. As soon as the verification is done, withdrawals can be made as many times a day as you like.

Lay bets
5 stars
21st Jan 2020

Good for laying bets, been using for a couple weeks loving the website does the job and withdrawals are quick.

Reliable and trustworthy
5 stars
18th Jan 2020

You can rely on Betfair to pay your winnings when you withdraw and no funny business!

Easy to use on mobile
5 stars
11th Jan 2020

Easy to use on my phone. It is a great app, and its in play features are better than the other betting companies I have used.

Good exchange
4 stars
15th Jan 2020

The exchange is great never had no problems though there is however a 5% charge.

No issues
5 stars
13th Jan 2020

No issues with Betfair, prices are better on some sports elsewhere but calculations are correct and website works perfectly.

Cant beat betfair
5 stars
10th Jan 2020

Cant beat them, I've bet at probably 10 different sites due to them cancelling bets or being funny when it comes to withdrawal policies but betfair I have stuck with for over a year now. Great site and THEY ALWAYS PAY OUT!

Best bookie out there
5 stars
13th Jan 2020

Excellent from deposits to withdrawals, had many free bets from Betfair probably at least a couple hundred quid

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